Terms and Conditions

  • Users registering to Read Scoops Gaming must ensure that they do not participate via multiple, fake, duplicate accounts. Only one account per unique user is allowed. Any pending prizes will be cancelled if duplicate users have been detected.
  • Users resorting to any unfair means of participation will be immediately disqualified and banned from Read Scoops Gaming.
  • There is no restriction on country or region that you can play from, but if prizes are physical prizes that have to be posted to users, then prizes will only be sent to users residing within Indian boundaries.
  • Prizes that are in the form of online vouchers and e-wallet cash, are redeemable across the world.
  • In the case that any user outside India has won a physical prize, we will shift them down to the nearest online voucher prize or e-wallet cash prize, and reward them.
  • For information on how points scoring will be done during the Indian T20 2018 prediction competition, please visit our Rules and Scoring page.
  • To avoid the chances of a tie in the final leaderboard standings, Read Scoops gaming will ask a tie-breaker question along with predicting the match winner of every game. If, in the event that a tie still occurs in the final standings, Read Scoops Gaming has the right to select the right winners, however we seek fit.
  • Every match has two questions: 1) Which team will win? 2) Total number of wickets/sixes/catches across both innings? Users cannot submit their predictions until and unless both questions have been answered.
  • The Indian T20 league will run between 7th April and 27th May 2018. The leaderboard will update daily and the final list of winners will be officially announced by 28th May 2018.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and they will have 30 days to revert and claim their prize(s). If prizes haven't been claimed by 30 days since the winning intimation email from Read Scoops Gaming, the prize(s) will stand cancelled.
  • Users are requested to use their real names ONLY, while signing up to Read Scoops Gaming.

Indian T20 Predictor:

  • The top 10 overall winners of the Indian T20 prediction competition will be awarded various prizes, the best of which is a Lava Z50 (Black, 8GB). Visit our Prizes page for full details.
  • The top 5 prizes are all physical prizes which will be shipped to the respective winners, provided they reside within India.
  • The 6th-10th place prizes are in the form of Amazon.in vouchers, which can be won by users residing in any country across the world.
  • Weekly winners will receive prizes in the form of PayTm e-wallet cash. All those who have a valid PayTm account registered to their phone numbers are eligible for these rewards.
  • For all queries, contact Read Scoops via their Facebook page or drop in a mail at [email protected]

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