Read Scoops 2018 PSL T20 Predictor

A few simple predictions could win you vouchers of high denominations, so get ready to win this February!

Think you're a good tipster and can make money betting on live sports event online? This February, we're giving you the chance to win yourself betting vouchers from 1xBet, of denominations $100, $50, $25 and $10. What do you have to do you ask? Nothing much, really:

  • Sign up to Read Scoops Gaming
  • Head to the PSL T20 Predictor page
  • Make your daily team selections
  • Submit your selections
  • Wait for your predictions to turn out right
  • Watch your leaderboard rank update daily
  • Take home big prizes at the end of the league!

So, start predicting and get ready to be a winner this PSL!

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For complete clarification on how to score points, head over to our 'Rules and Scoring' page. Tie breaker questions will be asked in every game to avoid the chances of there being a tie.
The top 10 places on the PSL 2018 prediction leaderboard will win prizes from Read Scoops Gaming. If you want to know what these prizes are, head over to our Prediction Page. Remember, this is just the start. Our prizes will keep getting better as time goes by!
We would encourage everyone who comes across this prediction page to participate in our PSL T20 prediction competition and invite your friends to play as well. However, as usual, 'Terms and Conditions' apply.

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